Write Your Memories

Write Your Memories

It’s true that it is difficult to motivate kids to write! Fortunately, web tools and apps gives us a chance to design different writing tasks for our students. OhLife is another tool that can promote writing and metaskills of our students.

OhLife is simply a private journal. After signing up, it sends you daily or weekly emails asking ”How’d
your day go?”. You can choose the days and the time of the emails if you prefer. You only answer that question by writing a reply to your email. You can write as long as you like. You can add links and add a picture by uploading it as an attachment. Ohlife will embed it into your private page. Whenever you like, you can get your private journal in a text format and print it out.

How to use this tool in education:

  • Ask students to keep a private journal in English to self-practice writing skills.
  • Ask students to write feedback about school or lessons.
  • Students can keep a journal of a book character and write their diaries.
  • Students can take notes of their progression, their memories from summer holidays.
  • At the end, they will have the book of their lives! What fun!

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Özge Karaoğlu is an English teacher and educational consultant in teaching young learners and teaching with web-based technologies. She is the author of Minigon ELT book series, which aims to teach English to young learners through stories. Read more of her ideas about teaching English through technology and Web-based tools at ozgekaraoglu.edublogs.org.