Web Tools for Halloween

Halloween is just round the corner and the preparations are in full swing! If you want to do some online activities with your kids at school before the night, here are some spooky, scary, creepy web tools for you!

Children can tell their spooky stories withKerpoof, Storyjumperor a collaborative story usingStorybird. Choose your storyline, write your text and boo others!

Children can create their cute monsters onMoshimonsters. They can write or talk about their animals’ Halloween plans.

What about creatingHalloween e-cardswith your own pictures? Choose your e-card, upload your pictures, add your message and scare others.

You can carve your own pumpkin hereorhereor play some Halloween gamesherewith your kids.

Would you like to create your own spooky pumpkin,here you go!

Children can create their own Halloween avatars usingVoki, and record their voices telling their jokes or stories.

Here andhere, you can create an interactive e-card, use text-to-speech and share it with others.

You can play thisHalloween Escape game and ask kids to write the directions for each other.

You can create your ownfunky card here by uploading your face pictures.

Here is a nice game where you write the words and make the ghosts disappear.

You can attach different animal parts to a human body tobuild your wild safeand share it with others.

If you are working with young learners,PBS Kids is also celebrating Halloween with many interactive activities.

Have a spooky time on Halloween. Don’t get too scared though…

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