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Tech Forum: A Different Kind of Conference

Why do I love the Tech Forums that Tech & Learning puts on all over the country? They are made up of 4 key traits that make it worth your day:

Size: Unlike state MEGA-conferences with thousands of people, Tech Forums are smaller in size and much more intimate. This gives attendees time to meet and collaborate with others easily and meaningfully.

Topics: The organizers of Tech Forum keep up to date with the latest trends in education.

Format: At Tech Forums, there are not a hundred sessions offered every 12 minutes, but instead, more in-depth topics and discussions around core ideas. These sessions offer time for educators to share their stories and even allow for viewers of the LiveStream to participate.

• People: I am honored to be named keynote for their Atlanta version in 2014, but that's not what makes it great. Tech Forum planners keep in contact with a core group of educators to ensure topics are regionally relevant.

While I might come across as a fan-boy, I think Tech Forums hit the perfect mix of these 4 key ingredients. Follow Tech Forum Texas this week on the LiveStream and via the #tltf13 hashtag.