From the Principal's Office: 6 Reasons for Using Evernote as Your To-Do List Application

Still looking for a good way to keep track of all those administrative tasks? I've tried several to-do apps but Evernote's versatility and features make it an excellent choice to keep up with your daily, or in my case, weekly task lists. I have a notebook in Evernote dedicated to keeping my weekly tasklists in one place. Every Monday morning, I open and start a brand new list. Using the Evernote's check-box feature, I create a box and enter each item. I check off items as the week progresses, and I add new ones as I stumble across them. As often happens in the life of a school administrator, I have a few items left over at the end of the week. I just copy and past them into the next week's Task List. There are several great reasons for using Evernote as your "To-Do List App."

  • You can create task lists very easily.
  • Once created, you can access your task list across devices and on the web. Your task list follows you around like a shadow.
  • You can create a notebook where you store all your task lists for back reference if needed.
  • Use the "Tag" feature to make your task lists fully searchable.
  • Upload any files such as Word Docs, PDFs or photos right into the task list. That means you don't have to search elsewhere for the files needed for the task.
  • Create a shared task list and share it with your assistance principals. That way you can tackle the tasks as a team.

Evernote's versatility make it my "To-Do List App" of choice.

Evernote Task ListGet Evernote by visiting their web site.

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J. Robinson has decades of experience as a K12 Principal, Teacher, and Technology Advocate. Read more at The 21st Century Principal.