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10 Tools for Tutors

The wealth of online resources aimed at tutors, teachers, and students makes everyone’s work easier. If you are an educator, you can gain immense benefits from using online tutoring tools. You can use various platforms to prepare your lectures, attract students from all around the world and earn your salary along the process. Below is a list of some of these tools.

1.TutorsClass: This virtual classroom allows tutors to teach students from all over the world, plan, and schedule lessons, as well as give online classes. Students are charged small fees for the tutoring lessons, which means that tutors secure earnings via TutorsClass. The platform provides tutors with a lesson schedule tool that will make daily planning tasks more effective. Tutors can try out the platform for two weeks free of charge.

2.Writinghouse: A citation generator Writinghouse is tool to help teachers and students create bibliographies.

3.Plagtracker: Plagtracker is a plagiarism checker that includes an advanced algorithm and a high quality of text analysis.

4.4Teachers: This website provides tutors with many educational tools that enable them to create quizzes, write take-home notes, create and post lesson calendars, and get access to a great number of online lessons. Teachers and tutors can use 4Teachers to create their own lessons and integrate technology into their teaching style. QuizStar is one of the most popular tools on this website. You can use it to create quizzes in multiple languages and attach multimedia files to the questions.

5.Animoto: Animoto is a tool used to easily make videos to complement your lectures. You can choose one of the featured video styles and modify it to your preferences. This tool allows you to add music clips, images, videos and text, and then share them with the students you are tutoring.

6.Jing: Jing is an easy way to capture what you see on your computer screen, edit the screenshot, and share it with your students. Besides images, you can also use Jing to record your actions on the computer screen and create a fully narrated tutorial with an explanation for your students.

7.Padlet: This website provides a blank “wall” which you can use however you want. Think of it as an online whiteboard that’s a simple but effective way to share anything with your students like announcements or homework. Students can use this tool to build their own walls as well, so you can keep track of their progress on various projects and assignments.

8.Google Docs: Most teachers know about this popular collaborative tool, which can be one of the best for online tutoring.

9.Google Hangouts: Another popular collaborative tool in education, Hangouts allow tutors to host online group conversations in real time—or record Hangouts for later review.

10.IDroo: This is a popular tool for math tutors. It provides an online educational whiteboard that is complemented with Skype use. Tutors can use it to organize collaborative meetings and sessions with multiple participants, draw and write their ideas, and insert complex and simple mathematical equations easily. IDroo will give you a great virtual classroom – all you need to do is turn your creativity mode on and think of compelling ways to use it.

Melissa is a student of journalism. She is an editor of university magazine and writes articles for online magazines.