My Weekly Diigo Bookmarks (March 2, 2014)

You Can Build Your Own Search Engine from Richard Byrne

There's not much to it other than following a few steps at As you can see in the directions embedded below, you don't need any coding skills in order to build your own search engine.

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Create Public Courses on OpenEd from Richard Byrne

As a registered OpenEd user (registration is free and takes less than thirty seconds to complete) you can create courses and playlists of videos and other materials that you find in the OpenEd directory. You can align your courses and playlists to Common Core standards. If you choose to align your course to a standard, OpenEd will suggest materials to you. OpenEd supports inclusion of assessments within your course.

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A Crash Course on The Odyssey

John Green is back with a new Crash Course on literature. The first installment in the new course is A Long and Difficult Journey, or The Odyssey.

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Students, say goodbye to snow days -- and say hello to school at home -

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How to Create Contact Groups to Make Sharing Google Documents Easier

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