A-Z Web tools: F by Ozge Karaoglu

Here is a new part of A-Z tools. This week's letter is F.

FontDeMusiclets you add sound and movement to the words. You write your text, select font, choose color and add movement to your words by moving your mouse up and down.

FontSelf is a tool to create fonts from your handwriting. You just draw your alphabet, upload it to fontself, review and save your fonts.It’s online, it’s instant and available only to you.

Fotobabbleis a tool to create talking photos. You upload your picture and record your voice using your microphone and publish it.

FillanyPDFis a site to upload your PDF form and link to it so other people can fill it out and sign it online.

FolfingStory is a group collaborative storytelling tool. You can create your own story or edit other stories and share them with the world.

FlipTextis a tool that lets you write upside down.

FlickrSlideris a tool where you can easily embed Flickr slideshows to your blog or website.

File2is a tool to turn any file into a public website.

FlockDrawis a web based drawing tool. You can collaborate with others to draw pictures using this tool.

Flashmeetingis a tool to meet people from anywhere around the world. You book a meeting time and assign a password. You share it with other that you want to collaborate.

Forestleis a green internet search engine that you can save 0.1 m² of rain forest free with your each search.

FluidSurveys is a tool to create online surveys and polls.

Fix8allows you to customize your on-screen virtual appearance in real time using avatar technology. In short, it’s a web cam technology that lets you animate yourself.

FluxTimeis a tool to create animations, edit and play with them.

Forums lets you create forums to build your own community. You can share posts, documents, different type of media, tasks and take notes.

FormatPixellets you create your online books, newsletters, magazines and portfolios. You can layout text, add your own images and interactivity and customize their appearance.

FaceYourMangais a tool to create your avatar through your image and share it with others.

Fodey lets you generate animated pictures such as a newspaper clip, a talking squirrel, talking cats, ninja text or a talking flower.

Furly is a tool to shorten multiple urls into one.

FuteBolTVis a tool to select scenes from football matches and edit subtitles for them. You can share it with others via mail or place it on your blog or your website.

FileDropperlets you to upload your file and share it with others on a link.

Fav7is tool to create a short page which can hold up to seven urls and you only have one link to share.

P.S. any more tools? Just leave me a comment with your name, I’ll mention it, thanx.

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