Reading Log for Kids

Reading Log for Kids

Children love keeping reading logs which I think is very beneficial for kids to see and compare how much reading they are doing. So if your kids are already using reading logs and if you want to go a little bit more techie with them, here is a cool tool for you: Reading-rewards

After the kids get their accounts from the website, they take notes of how much reading they are doing with pages and minutes on their online log. They create their own virtual libraries with the books they read. They can also create wish lists for the books they want to get next or write reviews for other readers of the same books.

There some really cool badges that you can get as you read more. This is another thing that will motivate the kids to do more reading. Kids can also collect RR miles as they read more, with these miles they can get some rewards that the parents or the teachers have set up for them. For example, the reward can be a movie at a cinema, sleepover with friends, extra tickets for a class raffle or a prize draw from a treasure box. Or they can spend their RR miles on the RR store buying riddles or silly joke of the day.

The class can create a reading circle where the kids can check in each other and see their favorite reads, read their reviews, and more.

Reading Rewards is sure to be a tool that kids will benefit and we will enjoy in class as teachers.

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