Leading the New Literacies

I am co-presenting with Michael Fisher a keynote at the Wildly Exciting Education Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. For now here is the slide deck. I will be blogging more in detail about Leading the New Literacies in the upcoming weeks.

Three new 21st century literacies need focused integration in curriculum and teaching: digital, media, and global. Do you wish to engage your school into DIGITAL LITERACY upgrades? How do we help our students critique and create MEDIA that prepares them for future careers and college? Do you want to GLOBALIZE your classroom? These questions will be addressed in this lively and hands-on session Michael Fisher and Silvia Tolisano will share Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs’ newest model that provides practical steps in identifying each literacy in classroom practice as they intersect in dynamic projects for our learners K-12.

Leading the new Literacies: Digital, Media, Global Project Based Learning from Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano

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Silvia Tolisano is a Curriculum21 faculty member, author of the book Digital Storytelling Tools for Educators and founder of the Around the World with 80 Schools project. Read more at http://langwitches.org/blog.