Class Tech Tips: Handouts for a Perfectly Paperless Classroom

Class Tech Tips: Handouts for a Perfectly Paperless Classroom

Handouts is a paperless student/teacher platform for tablet-centered classrooms. With this app teachers can create handouts to distribute to students by taking a picture of a paper activity sheet or importing digital files they’ve already made. Teachers can select which handouts they want to distribute and send them to the whole class or individual students.

Once students are sent handouts they can open them on their tablet and use their finger or a stylus to complete the activity. After they’ve finished, students can turn in their work straight to their teachers. Teachers can grade student work from within the app and send feedback for kids to review. With Handouts teachers can even select certain pieces of student work to put in a digital portfolio.

Visit Handouts’ website to learn more about this workflow solution for iPad and Android tablets!

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