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Find Songs with Lyrics

If you are already integrating songs into your lessons, here is a cool tool that you may want to use.
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If you are already integrating songs into your lessons, here is a cool tool that you may want to use. It is BatLyrics

With this tool, you can search for song lyrics with its video. But the best part of this tool is that you can search songs for words or sentences. If you click on the ‘Lyrics Words’ at the top, you can search for any words, sentences or specific terms in a video. When the search is over, it gives you many choices and you can choose the best one that is suitable to use in the classroom. If you want, you can embed the song with lyrics and the video of the song in your blog as well. You don’t need to register to use this web tool and this is cool!

To use in the classroom, you can print the lyrics and use them with your students as gap filling or multiple choice activities. You can also ask your students to create their own gap filling activities for each other.

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