Ted-Ed Clubs in Your School

Ted-Ed Clubs in Your School

It’s not a secret that TED talks are inspirational and thought-provoking. The videos can motivate you and positively change your perspective on life and how you educate your students!

And now TED-Ed is bringing TED into your classrooms with TED-Ed Clubs. If you are a teacher and want your students to improve their critical thinking and collaboration skills; stimulate creative and innovative ideas put forth by them; to connect groups of students and educators of all different backgrounds around the world, you can start a TED- Ed club in your school!

TED-Ed Clubs is a platform for students to stimulate and celebrate ideas. It aims to introduce a school-friendly framework which supports students in meeting regularly to discuss, pursue and present their big ideas in the form of short TED-style Talks.

If you are a teacher teaching students aged between 8-18 years old, here you go! You can watch the video below to get more inspiration:

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Özge Karaoğlu is an English teacher and educational consultant in teaching young learners and teaching with web-based technologies. She is the author of Minigon ELT book series, which aims to teach English to young learners through stories. Read more of her ideas about teaching English through technology and Web-based tools at ozgekaraoglu.edublogs.org.