20 things new teachers need to know about the technology in their school

20 things new teachers need to know about the technology in their school

So, you'll be starting teaching soon, whether on teaching practice or in your first job. What should you try to find out in advance, as far as the education technology is concerned? Here is a general, though by no means definitive, list.

When something goes wrong, who ya gonna call?

1. What is your user id and password for the school network?

2. Do you have to book a computer room, book laptops or similar for use in your classroom, or do the kids have their own devices?

3. What is the procedure for booking a room or set of laptops?

4. What system does the school use, eg PC, Mac, iOS, Android?

5. What software does the school use?

6. What type of interactive whiteboards does the school use?

7. Will training be available to help you get to grip with unfamiliar systems, software or whiteboards?

8. What do you do if pupil forgets his password?

9. Does the school have a system of digital champions, ie pupils you can call upon for assistance?

10. Does the school use classroom assistants who are (potentially) tech-savvy?

11. What is the school's stance on using technology in the classroom?

12. How can you tell what the answer to #11 really is?

13. How can you make good use of technology if you have only one or two computers in your classroom?

14. What technology is available as a class loan, eg is there a set of pocket camcorders?

15. What is the school's policy on pupils' bringing and using their own devices?

16. What is the school's e-safety policy?

17. What training is available to you regarding e-safety?

18. What should you do in the event of a technology-related 'incident' pertaining to e-safety?

19. What do you do when something goes wrong with the technology?

20. Who is the Head of ICT/Computing or similar?

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Terry Freedman is an independent educational ICT consultant with over 35 years of experience in education. He publishes the ICT in Education website and the newsletter “Digital Education."