Digital Education June Edition out now!

Digital Education June Edition out now!

Some news from Terry Feedman...

The October 2014 edition of Digital Education, the free ezine for those with a professional interest in educational ICT and Computing, was published a few days ago.

There are articles on research, a couple of cynical articles (Ambrose Bierce said that a cynic is someone who sees things as they are, and not as they ought to be!), and much more, covering digital literacy, computing, assessment and management stuff. Here’s the full list:

  • Assessing without levels, by Terry Freedman – getting rid of Levels has potentially been an advantage, not a disadvantage
  • My Top 5 Programming Apps by Adam Foster – Adam explains what his top 5 iPad apps for programming are, and how he evaluated them
  • Audiovisual heritage: media archives and how best to use them by Theo Kuechel – Theo provides a plethora of brilliant links to digital archives of photos, film and art
  • 5 Tips about reporting to parents by Terry Freedman – how do you keep parents informed? Here are some suggestions
  • To put it Bluntly, by Derek Blunt – Derek rants about information that is singularly uninformative
  • How can teachers get to grips with computer programming, and where do we start? by Lawrence Williams – Lawrence explains how programming can be understandable, and takes us through a brilliant new website that is replete with ideas, suggestions and resources
  • The view from here... New Zealand by Derek Wenmoth – What’s going on in education technology over on the other side of the world? Some really interesting stuff, plus a very useful downloadable report
  • Bits and pieces: items to think about, resources to explore – self-explanatory!
  • An alternative view: Changing Paradigms by Crispin Weston—are we regressing rather than progressing? Crispon provides a provocative piece to ponder (sorry about the alliteration, but I thought it was rather good!)
  • Research focus: Steve Wheeler – Steve is an academic at Plymouth; what’s he working on at the moment, and why is it relevant to the rest of us?

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Digital Education is produced by me, Terry Freedman, and this is a self-portrait I did. Well, I applied an effect in a painting program!

Terry thinking about the state of education technology

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