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Blogging for Learning: Mulling it Over

Help me re-sketch Blogging FOR Learning. How would you create a learnflow?
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I am mulling Blogging FOR Learning over and over. It seems to be the glue that holds the puzzle pieces together in terms of contemporary learning and teaching.

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From 1. Documenting (video, audio, text, images, embedded content,manage online work, curated content) to

2. Reflecting (meta-cognitive, connected, goal oriented, as an assessment) to

3. Sharing (published, transparent, making learning/ thinking visible, to teach others and contribute to a network) on to

4. Connecting (for authentic feedback, collaboration purposes, finding mentors and to gain perspective)

Help me re-sketch Blogging FOR Learning. How would you create a learnflow? What would you add? What are your puzzle pieces? How would you visualize for others the flow and benefits of blogging for learning?

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Upgrading Blogs Through Lens of SAMR

My ultimate goal for using a classroom blog or student blogfolios though, is that of creating transformative teaching and learning opportunities, not to have a platform that substitutes a composition book or paper journal.

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Digital Portfolios: Blogs VS. Seesaw

Just recently, I started learning about the Seesaw platform by attending several workshops at different conferences and by creating a “family classroom” that I share with my daughter and son-in-law to document and keep track of my grandchildren’s growth and learning.