Digital Education December 2014: Double issue, Free resources, 50% discount on ebooks, 75+ links and 10 guest contributors

Digital Education December 2014: Double issue, Free resources, 50% discount on ebooks, 75+ links and 10 guest contributors

The Spectator does it. The Economist does it. Even children’s comics do it. So I thought: Let’s do it. Let’s make a Christmas double issue of the Digital Education newsletter.

I’d like to be able to say I’d planned it that way right from the start, but that would be something of (to use Winston Churchill’s wonderful expression) a terminological inexactitude. In truth, the November edition was delayed due to a family illness, so it made sense to bring out a bumper edition now so people who subscribe have plenty to keep them going until January! I’ve included articles on a wide variety of topics:

A facsimile of the current edition. Well, sort of.

I’ve included articles on a wide variety of topics:

  • 50% off our ebooks! A time-limited offer (ie the offer ends on 30th December 2014)
  • Freebies
  • Free resource focus: The Open Content Toolkit created by Theo Keuchel
  • Scientific enquiry the modern way – the nquire-it suite of scientific exploration tools from Mike Sharples
  • Scientific enquiry 21st Century style Scientific enquiry 21st Century style by Mike Sharples (Further info to news item above)
  • Mesh guides: bringing academic research into the hands of teachers and others who are too busy to wade through research papers!
  • Mobile devices, schools and assessment by Peter Twining
  • The Bett Show
  • Become a Bett Rebel!
  • To BETT or not to BETT? That is the question! by Karen Pernyes
  • Taking stock: 5 key questions by Terry Freedman
  • Drowning in Data? How one outstanding school tackles their data analysis by Tracey Coton
  • Big data: is small beautiful? by Terry Freedman
  • Should philosophy influence educational policy? by Mel Thompson
  • To put it Bluntly: Do we really need Government ministers telling us what resources to use in our classrooms? by Derek Blunt
  • The things you can do with data! Part 2 by Terry Freedman
  • 5 simple tips for better security by Darren Bartlett
  • A review of our Project-Based Learning approach by John Partridge
  • Computers are Dead……..long live the ‘Device’…but where is its home? By James Penny
  • Students rule – when it comes to university IT by Scott Auld
  • Beam County Primary School pupils take ownership of TrilbyTV to celebrate their success
  • Microsoft software solution designed specifically for schools
  • ‘Euro-Collision Contest’: Clumsiest Mobile Phone Users in Europe Revealed
  • Homework excuses upgraded: did K9 eat your homework?

Just in case all of the above is not enough, I’ve included links to about 5 other articles – only one of which is mine, by the way!

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