Dropbox Pro More Productive and Efficient

Dropbox Pro More Productive and Efficient

With over 300 million users, sharing over a billion files a day, Dropbox focuses on simplifying people’s lives by providing a reliable resource for storing data online. With the functionality to work seamlessly on any platform, on any device, and the ability to connect to over 300 apps, many educators find that Dropbox basic is an appealing and practical option for sharing data with students and parents. Dropbox is free and easy to use by even the least tech savvy person.

Dropbox Pro is the newest product and it has very useful and versatile features. Just $9.99 a month, or $99 per year. The price is justified by having more powerful features, a terabyte of space, and no more worries about storing large files on the go.

Other great Dropbox Pro Features:

Set an expiration date for sharing files. For example, an educator who teaches semester courses can set a date for the sharing privileges to expire after a certain date such as the end of a semester or quarter.

Shared folders- when you share a folder, each recipient has the same folder on each computer. Recipients can edit files together.

Set passwords for shared links which adds an extra layer of security and peace of mind for files. Only people with the password will have access to your files.

Fast and most reliable sync. You can count on Dropbox Pro even when you are offline. It is ready for you no matter when you are pulling it up.

Share Pro files with people who have basic accounts. Teachers can use pro, and share files with students who have basic accounts.

Pro can share with anyone rather or not they have a Dropbox account. Streaming Sync- allows you to share a really large file within a folder. You can drop it to the shared folder. As you upload the file, it will start downloading to everyone’s Dropbox before it even starts sharing.

View only permissions for shared folders allows you to determine if the recipient can edit or only view shared folders. Teachers can share course materials with students, but students can’t change the information.

When making changes to large files already uploaded to Dropbox Pro, the file does not have to be re-uploaded. Dropbox just updates the changes in the existing file, saving time.

Saving screenshots in a snap (Students can take a screenshot of a chart needed for a homework assignment, or of a rough-draft image they’re building for a project, and that screenshot will automatically save to their Dropbox account, with a link copied to their clipboard for easy sharing).

Remote wipe (Working on a big thesis and lost your computer? With Remote Wipe, users can remotely delete data from any device linked to their Dropbox Pro account — helping to ensure important stuff doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Dropbox Pro has fantastic features that improve the functionality and efficiency of online storage.

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Patricia Brown is the Technology Integration Coach at Old Bonhomme Elementary School in Saint Louis, MO, where she implemented the first annual OB Family Tech week and Digital Learning Day. As a classroom teacher, she was awarded a $25,000 Innovative Technology grant for her school. Read her blog at msedtechie.blogspot.com.