9 Ways to Encourage Reluctant Teachers to Use Education Technology

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I've been writing about the Atari room in my newsletter, Digital Education. That was a room I set up and filled with Atari ST computers. These were fast, had a graphical user interface, and lots of great and low-cost or even free software, at a time when the standard computers used in schools were slow, had a text interface or a clunky GUI, and had mainly expensive software.

One of my briefs in the school was to encourage other teachers to use technology in their lessons. In the words of the headteacher at my interview, in response to my question: "What would you regard as my success criteria?":

"I want to see teachers banging on the doors of the computer room demanding to be let in."

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Terry Freedman is an independent ed tech consultant and freelance writer based in London, England. He publishes the ICT & Computing in Education website.