My Weekly Diigo Bookmarks (March 8, 2015)

Why People With Multicultural Experience Are More Creative | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
tags: multiculturalell

What Books Do You Recommend For Beginning & Intermediate ELLs? |
tags: booksellenglishlanguagelearners

Focus On How To Be Social
From Brendan Schneider - Some good insights on how to use Facebook for marketing/engagement
tags: marketingsocialmediafacebook

8 Steps To Design Problem-Based Learning In Your Classroom
A good framework to share with teachers looking to get started with PBL.
tags: problembasedlearningPBL

The Best Resources For Teaching About Selma
tags: selmaresources

'47 Percent' Of U.S. Jobs Are At Risk Because Of Advancing Technologies
tags: jobstechnologiesshare

Apple Overhauling iPad in Education Program to Simplify Sharing Devices and Apps - Mac Rumors
Apple Overhauling iPad for Education Program to Simplify Sharing Devices and Apps

"The measure of a free society is not how it treat
"The measure of a free society is not how it treats its good citizens, but how it treats its dissidents."

Best part of #LFL15 connecting with my good friend @patrickmlarkin
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About a boy | Jeff Pearlman
My day began with a Facebook suicide letter from a friend.

The Death of Textbooks - The Atlantic
Interesting look at how the textbook companies are dealing with the digital shift.
tags: textbookstextlessbeyondthetextbook

Educators New to Twitter - Home
Great site for new tweeters! tags: Twitter#twitterhowto

3 Different Ways To Go 1:1 |
tags: 1:1mentions

Improvements from a Flipped Classroom May Simply Be the Fruits of Active Learning
tags: flippedclassroomactivelearningconstrucivism

Two Tools for Turning Outlines Into Mind Maps
From Richard Byrne - Text 2 Mind Map and MindMeister's Google Docs Add-on bridge the gap between the outline format and the mind map format. tags: mapsorganizationoutlines

How to Transform Convoluted Documents into Accessible School Report Cards | Getting Smart
From Getting Smart - "My School Information Design Challenge" tags: reportcards

Learning In Burlington: To Have Technology or Not Have Technology Is Not The Question
A4: Interesting article by @patrickmlarkin bottom of the article talks about innovation #perrychat tags: perrychat

Great Google Classroom Pointers from Alice Keeler
tags: googleclassroom

innovation means learning at work
tags: innovationlearning

Teachers Know Best: Teachers' Views on Professional Development | College Ready
tags: professionaldevelopmentpd

How to Setup a Google Hangout On Air (March 2015)
tags: hangoutshowto

How to Search Google Books, Scholar, and News Archive
from Richard Byrne
tags: searchgooglegooglenewsgooglebooksgoogleschlar

50 Of The Best Google Chrome Extensions For Teachers
Good overview of 50 of the top Chrome Extensions for Teachers
tags: googlecrhomeextensions

Scottsburg schools to test eLearning in place of snow day
From Scottsburg, Indiana
tags: elearningblizzardbags

Homework, Oh Homework... - The K-12 Contrarian - Education Week

#commoncore Project
The Common Core has become a flashpoint at the nexus of education politics and policy, fueled by ardent social media activists. To explore this phenomenon, this innovative and interactive website examines the Common Core debate through the lens of the influential social media site Twitter. Using a social network perspective that examines the relationships among actors, we focus on the most highly used Twitter hashtag about the Common Core: #commoncore. The central question of our investigation is: How are social media-enabled social networks changing the discourse in American politics that produces and sustains social policy?
tags: socialmediaCommonCoreresearchpoliticstwitter

Hands On With "YouTube Kids," Google's Newly Launched, Child-Friendly YouTube App | TechCrunch

A Town Where a School Bus Is More Than a Bus
Today, however, Thompson and her fellow drivers understand they are uniquely positioned to play important roles in children’s experience of school, beyond getting them there and back home safely.
tags: schoolbusbusbehavior

The Education Movement You've Never Heard Of
tags: learnerledstudentdriven

Techniques for Unleashing Student Work from Learning Management Systems
From Justin Reich
tags: selfdirectedlearninglearnerledLMSConnectivistconnectedlearning

5 Google Chrome Apps for Social Studies Teachers ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning
Check out 5 Google Chrome Apps for Social Studies Teachers #edchat
tags: edchat

Google for Education: Google Classroom: New treats for teachers and students
Goodies galore! Our new #GoogleClassroom updates make it a treat to teach. Learn more about what's been added:
tags: GoogleClassroom

10 Intriguing Photographs to Teach Close Reading a
10 Intriguing Photographs to Teach Close Reading and Visual Thinking Skills

How can games support classroom practice? | eSchool News | eSchool News
How can games support classroom practice? via @eschoolnews

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