Class Tech Tips: 9 EduApps for Animal Lovers

Class Tech Tips: 9 EduApps for Animal Lovers

Educational apps can include games that engage students with content and resources that provide information on a topic. These nine iPad apps are perfect for animal lovers of all ages. Watch meerkats on a live video feed, learn about endangered species, and play games that feature favorite animals!

  1. Virry (animal cam)
  2. ClassifyIt (animal exploration)
  3. Animal Math Games for Kids (math fact practice)
  4. WWF Together (endangered species)
  5. Plants by Tinybop (animals in ecosystems)
  6. Discovery Channel (video clips)
  7. Britannica Kids: Endangered Species (encyclopedia with multimedia)
  8. Science Today (iPad magazine)
  9. Marine Missions (oceans game)

Here are two more lists to explore:

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