Your Best Tips for #ISTE2015?

For five years I have watched ISTE from afar, always hoping that I would get to go some day. I have watched the Twitter feed, the Facebook posts, and had the conversations with some of the lucky ones that went. And every year to no fail there is a story of failed expectations, of something that didn’t got to plan. Well, seeing that I finally get to this year, I figured I better ask. What are the hidden rules of ISTE, or really any other major conference? What do people expect? What should I know to make sure that I not only have a great time, but that I also don’t do some sort of faux pas sure to upset others?

Also, what are your best tips? How do you make the most out of this experience? I would love to know your thoughts.

PS: Where will I be? Well here you are:


ISTE Townhall Lead & Transform Panel – Sunday, June 28th 9 AM to 11:30 AM. I am honored to be the teacher representative on this panel where we get to discuss how we are changing professional learning in our communities. The best part of the panel is that I get to listen to he amazing students from SLA, who will start the discussion!

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