5 places to spend your downtime at ISTE 2015

5 places to spend your downtime at ISTE 2015

Ideas are fickle things. You can try to chase them down by packing your conference planner with learning opportunities, from concurrent sessions to keynotes to meetings and forums. You can take notes, participate fully and fill your brain with countless bits of information. And yet, the really great ideas — the ones that might just transform your work or your life — seem to pop up only when you stop pursuing them.

Fortunately, there’s a place — in fact, several places — in the Pennsylvania Convention Center designed to take advantage of this phenomenon. Some of these five types of drop-in learning environments are restful and quiet, some are active and full of energy, and all can help you cultivate some new connections and ideas without even trying.


These are comfy yet lively areas to rest between sessions, add new peeps to your network, or catch a simulcast of a keynote, Ignite session or Point-Counterpoint Debate. Each of the three onsite lounges has its own identity and purpose:

  • The Welcome Lounge in the Grand Hall is a good place for newbies to meet some new friends and get acclimated with help from a mentor.
  • The PLN Lounge outside Room 120A is a meeting spot for anyone interested in ISTE’s Professional Learning Networks.
  • Head to the Bloggers Café on the Level 3 overlook to hobnob with ed tech bloggers and tweeters and join the conversation, online or face to face.

2. Playgrounds

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