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6 routines for Computing lessons

Here are some routines that I think are useful for Computing lessons.
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I mentioned recently that in his book The Craft of the Classroom, Michael Marland provided very useful advice on very practical issues in the classroom, and good routines to ensure a smooth lesson. Routines are good, because pupils know what to expect. They are able to predict what is going to happen, and when. Some pupils, whose home lives are chaotic and unpredictable, may even feel safe because of routines. Here are some routines that I think are useful for Computing lessons.

Routines are good! Photo by Sacha Chua https://www.flickr.com/photos/sachac/

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Discuss the tasks they were asked to do at home

Who has found out what? What difficulties did they encounter? What questions arise from the activity? How does it have a bearing on the current stuff we are working on?

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