Technology Integration, 1 to 1, and Student Centered Learning… Ten Free Resources and Tools

Technology Integration, 1 to 1, and Student Centered Learning… Ten Free Resources and Tools

In the last post I focused on five important ideas I believe need to be in place to support student centered learning in a technology rich environment. Please note these five concepts listed below and feel free to read the last post.

  • Technology Integration Is A Step by Step Process
  • Technology Integration Must Go Beyond The Device Putting Students AT The Center
  • Technology Integration Process Must Be Open To Consider New Possibilities
  • Technology Integration Must Go Beyond The Tech Shine
  • Technology Integration Must Amplify The Learning Experience

With these ideas in mind I thought I would begin the task of collecting various free resources and tools and assembling them into a student centered toolkit. The items I collected might be a tool, possibly a resource, or collection of resources. It might directly rely on technology or could possibly be a catalyst for integration through its implementation. I wanted to keep the numbers down because I really viewed this a a starter kit. More items can always be added, and there really is so much out there I did not list. You can always let me know what to add. In order to become a resource in this kit I had the following criteria:

  • Free or at least a free tier
  • Multiplatform capability
  • Fairly easy learning curve for teachers and students
  • Provide an avenue or resource that could facilitate student centered learning
  • Provide content and performance based standards

With this in mind I would like to introduce the first half of my collection. Please enjoy and let me know what I might add!

About: Numerous tools for digital creation. Wonderful and engaging possibilities that help kids learn

Student Centered: Students become creators and producers with amazing tools

Highlights: Social Media Templates, Museum Box, Graphic Organizers


About: Create screen casts complete with audio that can be saved as a movie for future learning

Student Centered: Students create their own videos to curate curriculum, demonstrate learning

Highlights: Wonderful edit tools, Export videos to multiple locations


About: Wonderful set of interactives that can be used in any area of the curriculum

Student Centered: A focus on student creation and production to demonstrate learning.

Highlights: Trading Cards and Bio Cube, Over 50 interactives, Hundreds of lessons.

Google Lit Trips

About: Using Google Earth to bring an authentic reading experience through literature

Student Centered: Instructional materials shows student how to make their own trip

Highlights: All grade levels, Possibilities for a variety of trips

Right Question Institute

About: Scaffolds the inquiry process promoting a technique to promote student asking of questions

Student Centered: Students take ownership of meaningful inquiry and research

Highlights: QFT- Question Formulation Technique, Lessons that can be employed


About: The ability to create websites by both teachers and students to enhance curriculum

Student Centered: Students can create their own websites to demonstrate learning

Highlights: Ease of use… drag and drop, Variety of ways to demonstrate and engage


About: Teachers can make lessons, or use lessons from others that student then engage in through a link

Student Centered: Allows for differentiation and student self-regulation

Highlights: Use in or out of an LMS, Great resources included


About: Classroom quiz game that allows for group learning and individual reflection

Student Centered: Allows students to level up as they see clues of their own learning

Highlights: Embedded data tracking, Student creation possibilities


About: Provide a lesson using slide shows on each student’s device with web visits, slides, assessments

Student Centered: Students can create their own Nearpods to demonstrate learning

Highlights: Classroom 1 to 1 management, Built in formative learning features


About: Wonderful feedback tool that can be used to gauge learning for individuals and whole groups

Student Centered: Students know that teacher is in tune with progress and receive instant feedback

Highlights: Just about any devices, Great drawing capabilities

In this post I have shared with you ten student centered tools/resources for the technology rich classroom. I did promise twenty tools/resources and those are coming your way in the next post! Please share with others and be sure to return! I know you will like the ones coming your way!

Thanks for joining me on this wonderful journey of 21st century. Join me in future weeks as together we continue to explore several more posts devoted to the Flipped and Blended Learning, Project Based Learning, Assessing 21st century skills, PBL, STEM, technology integration, web resources, and digital literacy. I enjoy learning from all of you. Also remember to subscribe to this blog by RSS or email and follow me on twitter at mjgormans. I also appreciate your sharing of this post and any retweets. Keep up the amazing work, have a great week, and a enjoy this wonderful new school year. Welcome to the Future! – Mike Gorman

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Michael Gorman oversees one-to-one laptop programs and digital professional development for Southwest Allen County Schools near Fort Wayne, Indiana. He is a consultant for Discovery Education, ISTE, My Big Campus, and November Learning and is on the National Faculty for The Buck Institute for Education. His awards include district Teacher of the Year, Indiana STEM Educator of the Year and Microsoft’s 365 Global Education Hero. Read more at