10 Good Resources and Two Competitions for ICT and Computing Teachers

10 Good Resources and Two Competitions for ICT and Computing Teachers

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The following article is an amended (cut down) version of one I sent to Digital Education subscribers recently.

10 good resources

Discussion groups

As I’ve mentioned before, a useful discussion forum is the ICT and Computing Teachers Group in Facebook. Membership has to be approved by founder Darren Smith. The group has over 1,600 members, so there is always some lively discussion and useful exchanges.

Another one is the Mirandanet discussion list. Like the Facebook group, membership is free.

Along with the ICTRN discussion list featured in 3 ICT and Computing communities you should join, I consider these discussion groups among the best available for teachers. However, although they each no doubt have overseas members, the issues mostly discussed are UK-specific. However, as with many discussion lists, the underlying principles of the discussions are pretty much applicable anywhere.


If interactive whiteboards could speak, they may well be heard to say, echoing James Cagney in on of his gangster films,

“I ain’t dead yet!”

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