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Class Tech Tips: 10 Tips for Using Social Media to Tell Your School’s Story

Class Tech Tips: 10 Tips for Using Social Media to Tell Your School’s Story

From Instagram to Twitter, social media has a powerful way of connecting users from around the world. But how can you start using social media platforms to tell your school’s story in local and global ways? As you think about all of the wonderful things happening at your school this year, you have stories, images and quotes to share from every corner of your building.

Earlier this year I hosted a webinar on sharing your school stories. It included a shout out to one of my favorite branding tools as well as tips for getting started. If you missed this webinar, check out my Events Page to learn about a few more things on the calendar (including live and virtual events). Here are the ten tips from the webinar, so you can start thinking about how to get started telling your school’s story.

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As you get ready to tell your school’s story? Use these tips to help share the great work happening at your school with the world! Have another suggestion to add to the list? Share in the comments below!

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