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Class Tech Tips: 15 Current Events Websites for Students

Class Tech Tips: 15 Current Events Websites for Students

Preparing students to be well-informed, curious readers is part of our role as educators both across grade levels and subject areas. As a former classroom teacher, I loved sharing current events articles with students. High-interest, relevant articles connected to the news can promote discussion both inside and outside of the classroom. Although there might have been a time when you had newspapers delivered to your classroom, it’s now easier than ever to connect students with up-to-date articles thanks to these current events websites.

Teaching with the News?

On this list I’ve shared a handful of favorite current events websites. You’ll find some that allow you to modify reading levels for each article and others that connect student readers to videos, images, and audio files. If you’re a regular follower of or attended an event I’ve spoken at the past few years, you’ve probably heard me use the phrase tasks before apps. As you go through this list think about your learning goals for students and which resources will connect them with relevant, engaging and high-interest informational text.

15 Current Events Websites for Students