Crazy Ideas

Crazy Ideas

In my Google Drive, I have a Doc called “Crazy Ideas.” My Crazy Ideas Doc is where I write down the ideas I’ve come up with, have heard about and would love to build on, or crazy ideas I’d like to one day implement into my program. Here are just a samples:

Rethink Technology Classes: Technology classes should be less about the tools and more about teaching students to find and use the tools they decide they need to be successful.

Teacher As The CEO, or the Chief Experience Orchestrater, of the classroom. My kids have partnered with Google, Microsoft, Skype, Slack, and many other national and local businesses and experts. I want to pack my classroom with as many experts and opportunities as possible so I can gave my kids the opportunity to do something great.

If You Won’t Pay Teachers, Perk Us: While the case for paying teachers more should be evident, I don’t see it happening anytime soon. So how about an alternative? What if we hired full time subs to not just sub in class, but also do all duties? Instead of a teacher doing hall duty and lunch duty, a permanent sub did it. This discretionary time can be given back to teachers to do with as they see fit.

Silos Need To Be Busted: I’m not sure why we have subjects in schools. I am a huge advocate for project and problem-based learning because it helps students to use knowledge from a bunch of different fields in concert together. Can we let students spend an entire day working as part of a team on things that matter to them?

Varsity Esports: We need to embrace gaming in school to embrace a population of students we often leave out when it comes to after school activities. Some schools are starting to explore esports – professional video game playing – as a thing.

There you have it. Most of the crazy ideas in my Crazy Ideas Doc. I’ve left a few out, but maybe I’ll be brave enough to post them one day.