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High & Low Tech Techniques to Organize Lessons & Track Standards

High & Low Tech Techniques to Organize Lessons & Track Standards

How do you keep track of all your units, lessons, and track what standards you have addressed?

Bullet Journal

When I asked #NYCSchoolsTech educator Eileen Lennon how she does this, she shared her analog method. She has a section in her bullet journal track lessons across the year. This provides a great, at-a-glance tool for parents, administrators, and also the students themselves.

Here is what she shared.

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OneNote Notebook

The actual lessons themselves are all stored in her digital notebook using OneNote. There is a link to every lesson in the lesson agenda accessible from her laptop, phone, or any device. Because the lesson agenda is digital and hyperlinked, she has access to all materials anytime, anywhere and can make changes and updates to adjust to student needs on the fly.

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She spends her Friday prep period each week planning for the next week's lessons.

Here's the table of contents.

The Notebook

If you're like me, you want to see the actual notebook. You can dig in and look around the actual notebook here.

Your Turn

What do you think? Are there some ideas here you can see using in your practice? What digital and analog organizational system do you use?

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