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With the days hurriedly passing by, it is hard to believe that in the northern hemisphere school is almost done for many. I am going to miss my students so much. Days of eating ice cream, sitting by the pool, and yes, traveling to speak and learn from others are ahead and my stack of amazing professional development books awaits. I love summer for the renewal and recharge it gives us.

[One Week Into a Phone Free Classroom]

So why not share the love a little? I thought it would be fun to give away a bundle – yes, all four books to one person – of professional development books that can hopefully spark some conversation and help you shape your teaching different. This contest is open to the world and all you have to do is enter on the form. It will close on May 10th.

What are the books?

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Passionate Learners – My First Book Released

The story that I hoped to tell about breaking the rules from within without alienating your entire support team, about working within a standards obsessed curriculum and still having students like learning, about assessing students without giving them grades is here.