SAM Labs Alpha Kit

SAM Labs Alpha Kit

Sam Labs Alpha kit is an educational kit designed for the classroom that teaches students how to code, ignite creativity, and more. This attractive kit comes with blocks (i.e. light sensor, dc motors, LEGO holders, etc.) that work wirelessly via Bluetooth and interact seamlessly with their free app.

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Once the SAM's Space app is downloaded and the blocks are synced up, the app allows students to start creating, using a variety of functions/commands such as: create music, send out a tweet, build a car and have it move, etc.

SAM Labs is ideal for introducing STEAM or STEM into the classroom, and the abundance of resources makes it easy for teachers to integrate coding into their lessons. Educators are using SAM in a number of ways, from creating simple algorithms to very complex commands. The kit can be used for all grades and for any subject.

I recommend checking out Sam Labs by clicking here.

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