Today's Newsletter: Let’s Stay Together

Today's Newsletter: Let’s Stay Together

The start of school is always a challenging time in any marriage. Making sure everything is ordered. Getting your kids all the materials they might need. Arguing about who is in charge of what when it comes to being ready for the first day of school.

I’m not talking about a traditional marriage, I’m talking about the struggle that is the marriage between IT and curriculum. Last spring I wrote a post around this very subject. In reflecting on that post, I’d have to say that the beginning of school has the toughest stress on this relationship.

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With more and more resources going digital, determining who is in charge of what can be similar to the night time routine in our house when we debate who wants to do the dishes versus put the kids to bed. While on a much smaller scale, communication and expectation can make something as simple as that discussion take a downward turn. Now ramp that up 1000 degrees and add the pressure of account provisioning, single sign-on, data privacy, version updates, and a wide variety of resource providers and data formats, and it’s enough to make this marriage turn toward breaking dishes, not cleaning them.

So during this back to school time of stress, just remember, we need to stick together….for the kids.

Carl Hooker has spent the past 20+ years in education as a teacher and administrator focused on the thoughtful integration of technology and innovation. He consults for multiple districts across the country and is a frequent speaker at state and national events. In his free time he's an author, DJ, podcast host, Poetry Slammer, and Trivia Night MC. He's the co-founder of the social platform Check out his latest book Ready Set FAIL! Now available for order here:  Read more of his blogs at Hooked on Innovation.