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Today's Newsletter: The Best in Edtech Weekend Reading

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Some interesting articles coming from odd sources over the Tech&Learning newsfeeds this weekend. Mike Silagadze, Co-Founder and CEO at Top Hat, on Forbes, share his vision on the future of education and technology: “By incorporating digital quizzes and assessments, videos, simulations, and gamification elements into course content, educators can create a dynamic learning experience for each student on an individual level. By capitalizing on the digital habits of students, the classroom can be filled with interactivity regardless of the class size or topic.” Mark Johnson in The National Review promotes the value of personalized learning: “Today’s adaptive technology allows us to personalize our news, shopping, media, and even fast-food orders. We must now employ this innovation in our schools to personalize education for our students.” And The Hechinger Report breaks down how tech can help reach students whose first language is not English.
—Kevin Hogan, Content Director  

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