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April 2018 Top 10 Stories

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1 Apple Education Wrap-Up
Watch exclusive analysis from T&L on creative new ideas for teachers and students unveiled at the Apple EDU event in Chicago.

2 The Classroom Assessment Gap: Key Findings
A new survey reveals disparities between teachers’ assessment experiences and the perceptions of principals and district administrators.

3 Novel Ideas for Writing Instruction
Learn how edtech tools are helping educators discover new possibilities for writing instruction.

4 Marvel Film: Black Panther Supports STEM
STEM is infused throughout this film, which can inspire educators to make real-world connections to STEM in the classroom.

5 The New Setting Every Group Moderator Must Know and Tips to Use It Effectively
A new Facebook control enables moderators to turn off commenting to avoid repetitive and irrelevant additions to the conversation.

6 Creating Animated Character Videos
Creating scenes helps learners develop a critical eye for writing and plot as they have fun adding visual and multimedia content.

7 New Plagiarism Checker
Check, review, and get instant help with written assignments with Unicheck’s powerful new tool.

8 New Personalized Learning Program Uses Adaptive Learning
Redbird Language Arts & Writing helps students master language arts concepts and build foundational writing skills.

9 ASCD’s #Empower18 Conference Report
From developing students as entrepreneurs to increasing engagement and new edtech tools, here are highlights from this high-powered conference.

10 Active Learning in the Math Classroom
Students are empowered as they choose activities and tools for learning math and as they wrestle with concepts to find answers.



Top 10 Online Stories

1 Five Leadership Questionsto Finish (and Start) theSchool Year withSteven W. Andersonsuggests leaders take timeto examine past successesand changes for the future.

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Top 10 Online Stories

1 12 Valuable Wordle Tips Mike Gorman’s Wordle addiction led him to research ways that Wordle can be used in the educational setting.

Top 10 Online Stories

1 Bucket List of OnlineEducation ResourcesIf David Kapuler were startinga new school, here is his wishlist of digital resources.