April 2018 Top 10 Stories

April 2018 Top 10 Stories

1 Apple Education Wrap-Up
Watch exclusive analysis from T&L on creative new ideas for teachers and students unveiled at the Apple EDU event in Chicago.

2 The Classroom Assessment Gap: Key Findings
A new survey reveals disparities between teachers’ assessment experiences and the perceptions of principals and district administrators.

3 Novel Ideas for Writing Instruction
Learn how edtech tools are helping educators discover new possibilities for writing instruction.

4 Marvel Film: Black Panther Supports STEM
STEM is infused throughout this film, which can inspire educators to make real-world connections to STEM in the classroom.

5 The New Setting Every Group Moderator Must Know and Tips to Use It Effectively
A new Facebook control enables moderators to turn off commenting to avoid repetitive and irrelevant additions to the conversation.

6 Creating Animated Character Videos
Creating scenes helps learners develop a critical eye for writing and plot as they have fun adding visual and multimedia content.

7 New Plagiarism Checker
Check, review, and get instant help with written assignments with Unicheck’s powerful new tool.

8 New Personalized Learning Program Uses Adaptive Learning
Redbird Language Arts & Writing helps students master language arts concepts and build foundational writing skills.

9 ASCD’s #Empower18 Conference Report
From developing students as entrepreneurs to increasing engagement and new edtech tools, here are highlights from this high-powered conference.

10 Active Learning in the Math Classroom
Students are empowered as they choose activities and tools for learning math and as they wrestle with concepts to find answers.