Top 15 Tools for Self-Paced Learning

Top 10 Tools for Self-Paced Learning

In self-paced learning, students approach lessons and content at their own speed. This approach is useful in supporting different learning styles, and can potentially help students better retain information. 

With the increased implementation of elearning and remote teaching, self-paced learning is becoming more and more prevalent.

To help students and educators, this alphabetical list offers some useful online resources that can be used for self-paced learning.

Top 15 Tools for Self-Paced Learning

Brain Pop and Brain Pop Jr. - Students can watch animated videos in numerous subjects and then follow up with brief assessments and quizzes.

Education Galaxy - A game-based learning platform for grades K-6 that covers a variety of topics. Also focuses on preparing students for state assessments.

Gimkit - A “game show for the classroom” in which students can collaborate and create quizzes that can then be taken from their own devices.

GrammarFlip - Students can improve their grammar and writing by watching educational videos and then completing interactive exercises.

Kialo Edu - A platform for educators to gauge student understanding and differentiate instruction through collaborative discussions. Helps to build critical thinking and reasoning skills.

Knoword - A vocabulary-building tool with a teacher portal through which educators can create their own topic-themed word packs and track student progress.

Makerdemy - Designed to help students boost their programming and coding skills at their own pace and in a variety of languages (i.e. Raspberry Pi, Google Assistant, etc.).

Mathigon - An innovative interactive math textbook that serves as a personal tutor and provides real-time feedback.

Milestone Math - An iOS app that automatically adapts to a student’s knowledge level and uses self-paced learning to help students bolster their math skills.

Outwhiz - Offers self-paced exercises focusing on math and English for grades K-8. Outwhiz also offers analytics tools to track progress.

PBS Learning Media - Videos, interactive activities, lessons and more aligned to state standards and covering a wide range of subjects.

Splash Math - A K-5 personalized learning math curriculum with interactive games and rewards.

UMU - A site and mobile app (iOS/Android) that can be used to create self-paced lessons in any subject.

VocApp - A free mobile app that employs digital flashcards to help students learn at their own pace and differentiate instruction.

Vocab Victor - Students can boost their vocabulary skills at their own pace with this free mobile app, which assesses and adapts to their vocabulary level in real-time.

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