Trying it out… Investigating… Testing… Researching… Practice what I Preach… Modeling

Trying it out… Investigating… Testing… Researching… Practice what I Preach… Modeling

I believe in trying things out… investigating… testing… researching… practice what I preach… modeling…

So, when George Couros announced, he was trying out an #instagrambookstudy of his book The Innovator’s Mindset, I had to step up to participate.

I have never participated in a book study on Instagram, but I am curious to find out:

  • how does my reading change?
  • how do the contribution of others via the #innovatorsmindset‘s hashtags or comments influence, complement, extend, amplify, change me reading of the book ( disclaimer: this will be my second round of reading the book)
  • can I try to amplify my skills and fluency of reflection and metacognition via visuals and videos?
  • how does curating via Instagram contribute to learning, perspective, community reading?
  • experiment with Instagram’s new TVchannel
  • how can I envision using an Instagram book study to support the now literacies?
  • how about new forms? new forms of reading, reflecting, connecting, communicating, learning, documenting?

Innovator’s Mindset Introduction #innovatorsmindsetintro

Writing an introduction forced me to refine my elevator pitch who am I as an educator, author, blogger, coach and consultant. For now, I am happy with:

My passion is to bridge the gap of being considered literate in the 20th century to suddenly finding ourselves illiterate in the 21st century and learning how to learn all over to teach and educate children who will live to see the 22nd century! We have to practice what we preach and try new forms of learning to become literate in online spaces and continue to gain fluency.

Uploading to my Instagram TV channel for the first time

Chapter 1 #innovatorsmindsetch1

This quote connects to the notion of the evolution of what we consider “being literate”. What skills to we need to be able to read and write and express and communicate our ideas effectively? It’s time to make choices in education. What do we keep? What do we throw out? What do we Upgrade? (as @heidihayesjacobs asks as frequently) #innovatorsmindset#innovatorsmindsetch1

Chapter 2 #innovatorsmindsetch2

“Learning to recognize and create new and better opportunities for our students is what matters” By @gcouros – It takes practice to know what to look for and RECOGNIZE new forms of opportunities that amplify learning. Being connected to others who are making their “ new and better” opportunities visible helps with the fluency of recognizing.

[Our Notion of Being Literate or Illiterate Calls for an Update]

Chapter 3 #innovatosmindsetch3

I am a firm believer that we need to experience new forms of learning for ourselves in order to ask our learners to learn in #newforms The same applies to administrators and their faculty … modeling transparently AND openly needs to become the norm as we are all pioneers in uncharted territory! #innovatorsmindset #langwitches #instagrambookstudy

“Administrators often encourage risks while refusing to take chances themselves. Taking risks is also different from “openly taking risks,” where your team can see that you are willing to out of your way to be an innovator as well.”

Chapter 4 #innovatosmindsetch4\

In #innivatorsmindsetch4 I was zoned into the concept of sharing. @gcouros talks about the difference between being a classroom teacher and a school teacher, who is willing and strategically sharing with colleagues their work… I want to add the global teacher to amplify the reach of colleagues and learners who we most likely will never meet… the mindset of a global teacher knows we only will advance and innovate in education when we step up and contribute and share our thoughts, ideas, and work on a larger scale to connect with others. #innovatorsmindest #instagrambookstudy#langwitches #documenting4learning

Chapter 5 #innovatorsmindsetch5

#innovatorsmindsetch5 As I am reading chapter 5 of the #innovatorsmindest , I am reading through the lens of #documenting4learning . When @gcouros says

“My own example of learning helped me connect with my own staff and ensure they saw that I had credibility as a learner myself.”

It reminds me how important open and transparent learning is in order to model for our teachers, colleagues and student learners. And yes(!) it does contribute to the credibility of ourselves as learners.

Chapter 6 #innovatorsmindsetch6

#innovatorsmindsetch6 -I think we need to be more outspoken, visible and transparent in constantly sharing HOW MUCH the world and culture affecting learning is constantly changing ( exponentially) around us. It does not seem to be enough to mention it every once in a while, everybody returns to their classroom and schools to slip back into their tried and true old ways. We need more evidence of learning in #newforms , we need artifacts that capture the change.

“Would schools become a place that is truly developing learners who are flexible and agile in a world that is constantly changing?”

This concludes week 1 of the Instagram Book Study. Check back next week for post 2 to document the study and for my reflection on learning.

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