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Ultimate Resource Guide for the NEW Google Classroom!

Google Classroom is an essential tool for any teacher using Chromebooks or Google Drive as a teaching tool. On the surface, classroom is a simple tool, but with a little creativity and ingenuity it can do some awesome things!

I have scoured the web to compile this ultimate list of Google Classroom resources!

Whether you are just getting started with Classroom or are looking to go even further with it, this ultimate resource list has something for you!

If you find something useful, make sure you thank the creator!

What is Google Classroom? Should I use it?

How does Google Classroom compare with Schoology? Moodle? Canvas? Google Sites? What exactly is Google Classroom?

Setting up your first Google Classroom

Understanding the NEW Google Classroom

There are some BIG updates to Google Classroom for the start of the 2018 school year. Here’s what you need to know! 

Posting to your Classroom

You can post three things to Google Classroom: announcements, questions, and assignments.

Setting up Guardian Access

The guardian feature helps keep parents informed about the progress of their student. Check out these resources to setup and use this feature of Classroom

How to configure your Google Classroom notifications

[Managing Comments in Google Classroom ]

Google Classroom can generate a TON of emails and notifications on your phone which can be quite overwhelming and annoying. These articles will show you how to manage them and tell you which ones to disable.

Keeping Classroom Organized

You can post three things to Google Classroom: announcements, questions, and assignments. Here are some tips on using all three! 

 Teaching with Classroom

These videos and articles will give you suggestions and ideas for teaching content area skills with Google Classroom. 

Student Guides and Resources for Google Classroom

Don’t forget, your students will need some instruction on how to use Google Classroom! The guides below can be shared with students to help them get the most out of Classroom.  

Templates for Google Classroom

Get even MORE out of Google Classroom with these Chrome extensions! 

Share to Classroom

This Chrome extension lets you push content into Google Classroom from anywhere on the web. You can also use it to push websites directly to student screens.  Install here


Students love stickers. Use the BitMoji Chrome extension like digital stickers to praise and reward students for their hard word!  Install here

Emoji Keyboard

We use emoji all the time on our phones, why not on your computer as well? This Chrome extension gives you access to traditional emoji characters that you can use to express emotion or call attention to important notes and reminders. Use them anywhere you insert text.  Install here


Use the Screencastify Chrome extension to record short videos that provide instruction, feedback, or tips. Recording a short video is far faster and more effective than writing out your instructions. Install here 

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Alice Keeler - Alice is the author of seven books including two on Google Classroom.
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Kasey Bell - Kasey is a technology integration specialist in Texas, author of the Shakeup Learning
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John Sowash creates useful resources for educators on his blog, The Electric Educator. John is the author of The Chromebook Classroom and founder of the Google Certification Academy. You can connect with John on Twitter (@jrsowash) and Instagram.