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What Blockchain Could Mean For Edtech

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Blockchain technology may very well be the first edtech buzzword of 2018, quickly becoming that term that everybody hears about but nobody knows quite what it is. Here’s how Edweek describes it: “A distributed record of transactions creating a trust network that enables peer to peer value transactions.” Got it! EdSurge dives deeper into particulars, describing the potential for its use in higher education. Tom Vander Ark so far has the most concise insights on his Getting Smart blog: “Blockchain has the potential to release a wave of innovation around learner data including ending paper-based certificates (and no more calls to the registrar’s office to find or verify a diploma or certificate). It’s also likely to disrupt the market in student information systems.” Of course, anytime I hear the promise of the paperless office or classroom, my skeptic hat comes out. Never fear, though; we will be tracking this trend.



HP buys Palm - What could that mean for education?

image from Precentral  http www.precentral.net On Wednesday, April 28th, 2010, HP announced that they would buy Palm, the maker of webOS and the Pre Pre+ and Pixi Pixi+ smartphones. Palm, the company that actually launched and popularized early smartphones with it's Treo line, had struggled