Edgenuity Unveils UpSmart Adaptive Solution

1/10/2017 8:25:00 PM

Edgenuity today announced the launch of UpSmart™, a supplemental solution designed to help students in grades 6–8 demonstrate mastery of state standards in English language arts and math. 

UpSmart helps students master state standards in English language arts and math through: 

  • Targeted assessment: Places students into the optimal level through targeted assessments for each topic
  • Adaptive practice and instruction: Features  adaptive tasks to assess students’ mastery of skills and triggers appropriate support and instruction on each level as they progress through topics
  • Just-in-time instruction: Provides scaffolds as needed to help students complete a task and develop a deeper understanding of the skill being assessed
  • Motivation and rewards: Encourages students, through a dashboard and digital badging system, to monitor their own progress

To learn more about UpSmart, click here.

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