DreamBox Learning® Connects Print Materials and Adaptive Learning Technology

9/14/2017 7:01:00 PM

DreamBox Learning® today announced AssignFocus™ by Print Program, a new capability in the company’s K-8 math solution that provides teachers with a strong connection between DreamBox Learning Math™ and their classroom curriculum.

With AssignFocus by Print Program, educators can create more comprehensive and differentiated math experiences for students by blending DreamBox Learning’s adaptive, online K-8 math solution with popular print programs like Eureka, EngageNY, and Contexts for Learning Mathematics. 

Teachers can complement their instructional goals and district curricula by creating assignments using the module, topic, or unit names from the print program they’re using. 

In addition to student learning, DreamBox’s MyFlexPD™ enables teachers to also access in-the-moment professional learning that integrates with the concepts in their curriculum. 

Studies of an early MyFlexPD prototype, developed with a research grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, found that students demonstrated over 30 percent more growth when they had a teacher who engaged in DreamBox’s professional development sessions. A study from the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University found that by using DreamBox for 14 hours, students can increase their math achievement scores by four percentile points. 

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