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7:00 am - 8:15 am

Registration and Breakfast

8:15 am - 9:30 am

Welcome and Opening Keynote

Growing Up Under a Microscope: How Teens Achieve Privacy in Networked Publics
danah boyd
There is a widespread myth that young people don't care about privacy. Yet, just because youth want to participate in public networks doesn't mean that they are looking to live their life under a microscope. In this talk, danah boyd will draw on ethnographic work with American youth to examine how young people understand privacy, explore the strategies they take to achieve privacy in networked publics, and reflect on how their practices introduce new conundrums for those working in K-12 education.

9:30 am - 9:45 am

Refreshment and Networking Break

9:45 am - 11:00 am

Morning Breakout Sessions
Geared especially to administrators, IT leaders, mentor teachers and other ed tech visionaries, these concurrent sessions feature widely-acclaimed and respected speakers covering the hottest topics.

Creativity, Collaboration and Engagement in the Elementary Grades
Shawn Rubin, Sue Bergman, and Diana Marcus
We’ve invited three great teachers to show us what elementary classrooms look like when instruction is transformed with help from technology. They’ll share some of their favorite tools – from Tagxedo to Kidblog to Google Docs – and, more importantly, help us see how student creativity, collaboration and engagement increases as a result of 21st century approaches to teaching and learning.
Managing Schools and Classrooms with Google Apps
Cathy Swan, Paul Barrette, Jean Tower
If you’ve adopted, or are considering adopting, Google Apps for Education you’ll have a variety of new tools available to you for both instructional and administrative uses. This session focuses on the ways in which teachers and administrators are using everything from Google Sites to Google Forms and Google Video to manage information, build portals, organize classes and professional development, connect with community members, and more.
20 Things NOT to Do in a 1:1 Implementation
Carl Hooker and Patrick Larkin
Join Carl Hooker and Patrick Larkin for an entertaining and thought-provoking look at Do's, Don'ts and Lessons Learned from the first year of a one-to-one initiative. Both K-12 leaders have been involved in iPad adoptions but the majority of the advice they share will be relevant to implementations involving any platform. Come with your own stories, questions and tips about anything from acceptable use to professional development, involving the community to charging the devices.
Putting Students in Charge
Julie York, Daniel Adiletta, Michael Hale, and students
In schools all across the country, students are providing technical support, programming new tools, and serving as technology leaders for their schools. In this session, you’ll learn about creating, maintaining and running such student-led initiatives and hear how allowing students autonomy and responsibility results in a win-win situation for learners and teachers alike.

11:00 am - 11:15 am

Refreshment and Networking Break

11:15 am - 12:15 pm
Industry Spotlights
Hear from the companies that are sponsoring this event and shaping the future of educational technology.

12:15 pm - 1:15 pm

Lunch and Dessert Reception

1:20 pm - 2:20 pm

Roundtable Discussions
These discussions, on topics suggested by attendees when you register, provide a great opportunity for you to network with fellow technology leaders.

Idea Exchange: Are iPads the Answer?

2:30 pm - 3:45 pm

Afternoon Breakout Sessions
Geared especially to administrators, IT leaders, mentor teachers and other ed tech visionaries, these concurrent sessions feature widely-acclaimed and respected speakers covering the hottest topics.

Walking the Walk: Transforming Learning in the Secondary Grades
Liz Davis, Jennifer Trombino and Cathy Swan
Three inspirational educators will share successful technology-supported projects and approaches that are engaging and empowering the middle and high school students with whom they work. Come see how emerging technologies and student-centered learning environments are impacting the way in which these secondary grade students work and learn.
The Digital Administrator
Andrew Wallace, Peter DeWitt, and Patrick Larkin
From walkthrough observations to flipping the faculty meeting, today’s K-12 administrator has a wide array of options available for modeling the power of technology as an analytical, communicative and evaluative tool. Join three veteran administrators as they offer tips and tricks for best practices using mobile devices.
The Flipped Classroom, Year Two
Sue Miller, Ellen Dill and Mark Burkholz
It’s not a brand new concept; we talked about it last year and you might very well be “flipping” in your school already. But here’s your chance to hear from three flipped classroom pioneers. From an elementary school classroom to middle school foreign language courses to high school math and science classes, you’ll learn about the tools, approaches, successes and challenges faced by these pros and how learning has changed as a result of their flipped classrooms.
Professional Development Tips and Breakthroughs
Tom Daccord, Carl Hooker, and Jean Tower
Experts agree that sustained and effective professional development is key to a successful technology initiative. This session will explore the use of digital activities such as Ignite and Powerpoint Karoake to spice up face-to-face professional learning, describe ways of flipping PD, and offer advice on professional development approaches that engage and support teachers on an ongoing basis.

3:45 pm - 4:30 pm

Sponsor-Hosted Reception
Join the party! Unwind and network with colleagues and industry partners.

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