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8:15 am - 9:30 am

Welcome and Opening Keynote

9:45 am - 11:00 am

Morning Breakout Sessions
Geared especially to administrators, IT leaders, mentor teachers and other ed tech visionaries, these concurrent sessions feature widely-acclaimed and respected speakers covering the hottest topics.

Evolving Models of 1:1
David Jakes (moderator); Ben Grey; John Connolly and Jennie Magiera; Jason Markey, Bryan Weinert and Mikkel Soraasli
From laptops to netbooks to iPads, the options for placing digital technology in students’ hands for 24-hour access have multiplied over the years. Who’s adopting one-to-one and what results are they seeing? What hardware and implementation choices are they making as they try to balance the need for 21st century learning environments with infrastructure challenges and the realities of economic belt tightening?
The Flipped Classroom in Action: What is it, How do you Manage it, and Should you Support it?
Jon Bergmann with Justyna Kalinowska, Allison Drew, Elisabeth Lebris and Robert Bialk
The Flipped Classroom has become a buzzword in recent education news. Is it a viable and effective option for delivering instruction? Is it too burdensome for school technology staff? Join the staff of the Joseph Sears School as they provide a background on the flipped class; then hear from teachers and technology staff who have been involved in implementing this new model of teaching and learning.
The Keys to Effective Online Learning
Matthew Wicks; Candice Dodson and Ronda Eshleman; Traci House and Klista Lawyer-Reynolds
With a number of states now requiring students to take an online course before graduating from high school, and national interest in online and blended learning at a new high, this session takes a closer look at what’s possible and desirable when it comes to online classes. Learn about the skills needed to be a good online teacher, professional standards and learning experiences that support online learning, and what to look for if you’re choosing an online provider to partner with.
Searching Like a Pro
Lucy Gray, Hank Thiele, Mike Gorman
Of course students today know how to “Google” their way to the answer to a simple question. But are they pros? Search is an essential 21st century skill and, in this session, you will learn how to search faster, better, and get what you are really looking for on the web. Learn how to fully utilize search features such as Google Book Search, Google Scholar, and Google News and how to use dozens of secret strategies for better Google searches – plus how to assess the value of the online resources when you find them.

1:20 pm - 2:10 pm

Roundtable Discussions
These discussions, on topics suggested by attendees when you register, provide a great opportunity for you to network with fellow technology leaders.

2:15 pm - 3:30 pm

Afternoon Breakout Sessions
Geared especially to administrators, IT leaders, mentor teachers and other ed tech visionaries, these concurrent sessions feature widely-acclaimed and respected speakers covering the hottest topics.

Yes, There’s an App for That
Naomi Harm and Lucy Gray
We invite you to take part in this fast-paced “mobile apps smackdown.”Our panelists will recommend some great mobile apps for educational use. Then it’s your turn. Come share your favorite apps – for iOS or any other devices – and the ways in which you’re using them in your classroom, school or district.
Understanding the Challenges and Opportunities of Emerging Learning Environments
David Jakes (moderator): Jon Bergmann, Dean Shareski and Jennie Magiera
Join us for a lively discussion on topics ranging from the pros and cons of digital textbooks to the disruptive impact of mobile computing, online learning, social networking, and the flipped classroom. David Jakes will challenge panelists to share their thoughts about the issues and opportunities that arise as we evolve from the traditional classroom to anytime, anyplace, any path learning spaces. Then it's your turn -- to weigh in, ask questions, and engage with virtual audience members who'll be tapping into this session.
Professional Development that Works for You
Meg Ormiston with Maureen Miller, Ellen Lawrence, Steve Moore, and Katie Aquino
One-size-fits-all PD doesn’t work. We will look at “flipping” the professional development model and explore other options for customizing professional learning experiences to meet the needs of the faculty in your own school or district. Come with your own success stories, questions and advice for colleagues committee to planning professional development that works!
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