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Assistive Technology 2.0: Special Tech
By Vicki Windman
Assistive technology is a hypernym that includes assistive, adaptive, and rehabilitation devices for people with disabilities. What’s “hot” in 2013? Special education expert and T&L blogger Vicki Windman shares her insights and interviews other experts to answer these questions and more.

Working It Out: How today’s districts are preparing students for tomorrow’s jobs
By Ellen Ullman
More than three million U.S. jobs are unfilled because of a lack of skilled workers. To alleviate this conundrum, districts are developing specialized programs and partnering with local businesses to ready their graduates for work.

PARCC: Is This the Next Big Thing?
By Jon Castelhano
When it comes to the Common Core state standards, all but a small handful of states have already adopted them and begun implementation. With the new PARCC assessments, technology is being embedded into these standards as well as into the assessments. Here’s what you need to know about them.
Back Office Business: Edtech in action


What’s New
T&L’s round-up of the latest tools for schools.


Editors Desk: Apps For All

News & Trends
Top 10 Online Stories
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Doc Cam Contest
Storybook Creation Tools and Apps
Teachers Embrace Digital RESOURCES To Propel Learning
PARCC Releases New Guidelines
From the Principal’s Office
Symantec Commits One Million to Education
Common Core Checklist: What to Know Before You Buy
Conference Redux

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