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11/18/2012 12:00:00 AM
Product Title: Wipad 

Vendor:   Mistechnologies

Website: Wipad

Retail Price:     

  • Wipad Pro Basic Package $399.00
  • Wipad Pro Complete Package $469.00
  • Wipad Pro VGA Package- $539.00
25% discount for educational facilities

The Wipad Pro is a wireless device that allows mirroring in real time of an iPad to a TV or projector. The Wipad Pro does not require a network connection as it is a stand-alone, plug and play device.

Quality and Effectiveness
The Wipad is a new tool to project iPads. Since its wireless, it allows users to move freely around the classroom. Charge the Wipad prior to using as the charge lasts about three hours. The package comes with a USB charging cable.

Ease of Use
If you know how to insert your iPad into a plastic case and attach an “Apple Digital AV Adaptor,” you understand how to use the WiPad. Then, depending on your package, plug in your HDMI, press the source button and away you go. But how to choose the right package?

  •  WiPad Pro Basic- Includes the Wipad Case, Transmitter/Battery, Receiver, Receiver Power Supply and Stand and a USB Charging Cable. Cables needed but not provided with this package include the Apple Digital AV Adapter and a HDMI cable.
  • Wipad Pro Complete Package- includes the Wipad Case, Transmitter/Battery, Receiver, Receiver Power Supply and Stand, 15' USB Charging Cable, 6' HDMI Cable, Apple Digital AV Adapter - This is a turnkey package given the TV/Projector has an HDMI input.
  • Wipad Pro VGA Package- includes the Wipad Case, Transmitter/Battery, Receiver, Receiver Power Supply and Stand, 15' USB Charging Cable, 6' HDMI Cable, Apple Digital AV Adapter, VGA/3.5mm to HDMI Converter, 6' VGA/3.5mm Cable.   This is a complete turnkey package if the TV/Projector does not have HDMI. This is the best package for classes that have older projectors without HDMI ports.

Creative Use of Technology
Are you a one-iPad classroom? Do you want to show students how to use the iPad but need to walk around with your iPad? The Wipad will eliminate the frustration of tripping over wires -- now you can walk around the class and move from app to app without going back to your “hub” where your iPad is plugged in. 

Suitability for Use in a School Environment
The best part of the Wipad is the convenience of it. No IP address is needed and the WiPad has no effect on network or wireless traffic, needs neither IT support nor software to operate and is OS independent. The Wipad makes a perfect addition to any classroom, lecture hall, or professional development presentation.

As a teacher and presenter, I have been waiting for a tool such as the Wipad. It is extremely intuitive to use and now I can walk around my class and see how my students are doing and making sure they stay on task. Since the iPad 2 gave us the opportunity to mirror our iPads we can now reach many more people who need the visual display. The Wipad now expands our audience, as we no longer need a computer to connect to while presenting. Just bring your HDMI converter and you can show your iPad on any whiteboard. As we pack our tech gear for the day our bags are getting lighter and more powerful due to creative technology such as the Wipad.

Top three reasons why this product’s overall features, functionality, and educational value make it a good choice for schools.

1. Seamlessly connect with the iPad

2. iPad is seen in “real time”

3. Ability to walk around the room and engage more students

Vicki Windman is a special education teacher at Clarkstown High School South.

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