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4/28/2014 7:00:00 PM
1 Product Review: Adobe Creative Cloud

Carol S. Holzberg tests Adobe’s subscription-based online experience known as Creative Cloud.

2 Class Tech Tips: 23 Virtual Tools for Tablets (all free!)

Monica Burns shares her top picks for tablet tools.

3 Product Review: Belkin’s Stage Pro

Peter Griffiths reviews this app that combines the convenience of a document camera with the power of an interactive whiteboard.

4 Why We Still Need Librarians

In a recent report, Leading In and Beyond the Library, a strong case was made for the importance of librarians in 21st-century learning.

5 Top 100 Sites/Apps for Game-based Learning

David Kapuler updates his popular list of favorite sites/ apps for Game-based Learning.

6 Student Curators: Powerful Learning

Nancy White shares a story of how one teacher transformed her students into curators of information.

7 App of the Day: Book Creator for iPad

This app is an easy way to create and publish multimedia digital books.

8 Teach Students About Creative Commons: 15+ Resources

Shelly Terrell shares a few ideas and resources to help you teach about Creative Commons.

9 Google Drive Gets Add- Ons: Yeah or Eh?

Lisa Nielsen offers her take on Google Drive Add-Ons.

10 10 Tools for Tutors

Guest blogger Melissa Burns shares online resources aimed at tutors, teachers, and students that make everyone’s work easier.

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