Preparing for Technology Integration: Today's Professional Development and Beyond, cont’d

2/7/2011 6:00:00 AM

J_cochranContinuing the series of interviews with technology directors and integration specialists, who give their "state of the union," and their views on education technology in the future.

Jerry Cochrane, Technology Coordinator at Iowa Educators Consortium

“Online training was the first stop for Iowa teachers when asking, ‘How do I…?’ Over the years, students and parents became key users. As technology literacy becomes a focus of the Iowa Core Curriculum 21st Century Skills, we see this resource becoming even more valuable now than in the past.”
“School technology will continue to be driven by consumer technology. This will make technology more and more transparent to the end users—teachers and students. As web connectivity improves and web access becomes more affordable, web-delivered resources will become the norm. The next generation of tablets will replace everything—multimedia projectors, textbooks, books, computers. Interactivity will be the driving force of instruction. Virtual instruction and training will continue to grow. Our online professional development and training resource will ‘become our tutor’ during our journey.”


P.D. Tips courtesy of Atomic Learning

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