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8:15 am - 9:30 am

Welcome and Opening Keynote

Identity, Networks, & Connected Learning
Alec Couros
We are currently exiting the age of personal computer and entering a new mobile reality. Emerging technologies now provide us with the tools to drastically transform our learning environments, and for the first time in history, learners now have the technical ability to learn anywhere, anytime, and with anyone. Yet, transitioning away from our industrial model of education will not be easy, and leaves us with many questions. What do teachers/leaders need to know about modern learning? How can social networks and new media be used to support student learning? How do we deal with digital identity & citizenship? This presentation will outline our new technological reality, feature examples of how social media and mobile devices can transform learning environments and guide participants in examining the potentials and pitfalls of 21st century learning.

9:45 am - 10:55 am

Morning Breakout Sessions
Geared especially to administrators, IT leaders, mentor teachers and other ed tech visionaries, these concurrent sessions feature widely-acclaimed and respected speakers covering the hottest topics.

What the Heck Do We DO With all This Data?
Sheryl Abshire, Bryan Doyle and Peter Griffiths 
Sick of collecting ever-more data to comply with accountability mandates? Tired of even thinking about this subject? If so, you’re not alone. But don’t despair. Come explore what’s possible when big data is combined with powerful tools for visualizing it and making it transparent and usable. See how to build a supportive data culture in your school or district and how to use the data you’re collecting to personalize learning and drive key decisions.
Rethinking Learning Spaces
Kay Abernathy (moderator); Karen Fuller and Ian Powell; Carl Hooker and Carolyn Foote; Scott Floyd 
Do your classrooms and libraries look almost exactly like they did a century ago? For the first time in decades, a number of schools can answer this question with a resounding “No!” From mobile-friendly classrooms to media centers transformed into digital learning spaces, this session will provide specific, affordable ways you can redesign learning environments to meet the needs of today’s students. 
Learning by Making
Stuart Burt and Randy Rodgers 
Come get a close-up, hands-on look at a variety of tools -- from 3D printers to MakeyMakey to robotic kits and more -- involving maker spaces and interactive technology. This session will also include discussion about curriculum tie-ins and the skills being acquired, as well as a look at how to interest all students, even those who didn’t previously think of themselves as techies.
Understanding Digital Citizenship & Identity
Alec Couros 
How do we educate children and adults in a world where the most offensive behavior is, at most, a few strokes away and everything you
do ends up in your permanent record? How do we create a culture that respects and understands both creators and consumers while increasingly limiting the distinction between these two groups? How do we develop kind and caring citizens with integrity in both offline and online spaces? Tech Forum keynoter Alec Couros will address these
and other questions as he explores the meaning of digital citizenship in today's world. 

11:10 am - 12:10 pm
Industry Spotlights
Hear from the companies that are sponsoring this event and shaping the future of educational technology.

1:20 pm - 2:30 pm


  • eRate: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: Massive eRate changes are coming and you need to know about them. Tech & Learning Content Director Kevin Hogan interviews eRate expert Sheryl Abshire about this vital topic. Come with your questions and join the conversation.
  • Coding With Younger Students Join Todd Gratehouse and Juan Orozco to explore the pros and cons of teaching computer science in the elementary grades. Then check out some great coding resources, project ideas and approaches.
1:20 pm - 2:30 pm

Roundtables & Idea Exchanges

  •  Google Apps. Chromebooks. What Are You Doing? What Do You Want to Ask Others? (Amy Mayer, Jessica Johnston and Suzette McIntyre) ___ Notes
  • Student Collaboration (Mike Kuhrt)___Notes
2:40 pm - 3:50 pm

Afternoon Breakout Sessions
Geared especially to administrators, IT leaders, mentor teachers and other ed tech visionaries, these concurrent sessions feature widely-acclaimed and respected speakers covering the hottest topics.

IT and Curriculum: Can this marriage be saved?
Steve Young; Peter Griffiths; Wendy Jones and Linda Lippe;
Karen Fuller and Susan Borg 
In order for any tech initiate to not just survive but thrive, the tech and curriculum departments must share the same goals, which many times is easier said than done. This interactive panel discussion will bring together leaders from IT, Instructional Technology, and Curriculum & Instruction to discuss the challenges and solutions for creating successful edtech initiatives. Panelists will share their tips for navigating this conversation when transitioning to digital content, 1:1, BYOT, and more. Bring your questions and challenges for discussion!
Nurturing Passion, Wonder and Voice
Rafranz Davis (moderator); Lisa Carnazzo; Aimee Bartis; Andrea Keller; Leslie Barrett and German Ramos 
Does passion, wonder and voice drive the car in your learning environment or have these qualities taken a back seat to things more easily measured on tests? What does a truly student centered learning environment look like when we embrace the natural creativity and curiosity that our kids have? How are we preparing and supporting teachers to implement the kind of experiences that inspire a love of learning in kids? Come see and hear examples -- from kindergarten through high school -- of meaningful, engaging student projects and learning experiences that nurture wonder and passion and give students the opportunity to find their own voices. 
The Smartest Person in the Room: An interactive learning challenge
Carl Hooker 
Tired of old "sit n get" PD? We all have multimedia studios and high-powered computers in our pocket -- why don't we take them out and use them? There is a revolution afoot that combines the concepts of PB/game-based learning/maker movement with the mobile device and applies it to PD. The great part is, these challenges can happen on any platform and with any topic while promoting teamwork, problem-solving, leadership and perseverance. In this session, we'll do one of these challenges live -- with a focus on the biggest questions about technology in schools. Come ready to move and have some fun while you learn!

3:50 pm - 4:30 pm

Sponsor-Hosted Reception
Join the party! Unwind and network with colleagues and industry partners.

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