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Best Laptop Cases for Teachers

Best Laptop Cases for Teachers
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The best laptop cases for teachers can be the difference between a difficult juggle to move between classes and a worry-free secure slip from room to room. 

Crucially, the right laptop case will keep your device safe and secure, protecting it from potential damage if dropped -- or if anything is dropped on it. The right laptop sleeve can also give you the space to carry a charger and any adapters and cables without any fuss.

Factors you might want to keep in mind include thickness and material, which can include drop resistance, waterproofing, and tear strength. Pockets could be a must-have for some teachers who want everything in the one bag. Design is another issue, with a muted color or perhaps a school color finish on the bag as options. Price is, of course, another consideration.

Perhaps a slim sleeve is enough, or maybe you want a full backpack, a simple shell, or a messenger bag. This list has something for everyone.

So which are the best laptop cases for teachers?

The very best laptop cases for teachers

1. Case Logic Laptop Case: Best overall

Case Logic Laptop Case

(Image credit: Case Logic)

Case Logic Laptop Case

Best laptop case for teachers overall

Lots of space
Well-organized pockets
Carry strap comfort
Not cheap
Laptop could be kept tighter

The Case Logic Laptop Case is the simply named, yet perfectly made, ideal all-around bag for teachers transporting their digital device to, from, and around school. This is a full-sized bag so you not only have a sleeve for your laptop, which may not be snug enough for smaller models, but you also get lots of pockets. That makes this great for carrying a charger, cables, and adapters, but there's also space for school books, marking gear, and even room for a tablet, phone, and purse too.

The comfortable shoulder strap and grab handle give multiple carry options, both of which are made for long distances, if needed. The build quality is high with tear- and water-resistant materials and an inner padding that is drop-resistant. Even the zips are of a high quality so you can open and close this all day, throwing from desk to desk, without worry of it giving up on you.

This is good for laptops up to 18-inches, meaning nearly all laptops then. You can also fit full-sized sheets of paper in there without folding, and there's even a luggage pass through on the back, making this great if you want to travel with it or if you use a rolling luggage case in school. This isn't the cheapest option but you do get a lot for your money.

2. Mosiso Laptop Sleeve: Best water-repellent sleeve on a budget

Mosiso Laptop Sleeve

(Image credit: Mosiso)

Mosiso Laptop Sleeve

Best laptop sleeve for teachers on a budget

Compact design
Lots of size and color options
No extra pockets

The Mosiso Laptop Sleeve is an ideal option for anyone who simply wants a slide-on case that protects their laptop without taking up too much room or costing a great amount. This lightweight model offers lots of color and size options, however, each one offers layered casing for protection against water and drop damage. The neoprene outer stops water while the shockproof sponge beneath offers knock resistance and an internal plush finish protects the body from any scratching. 

This model is priced low yet also comes with a small secondary case for your charger, cables, USB sticks, and so on. Both have a smooth glide zipper and come in various matching colors. Don't expect to store much else in this though as it's built specifically to fit the laptop you have, with sizes ranging from 12.3 to 16 inches. 

3. Thule Gauntlet 3.0: Best extra tough case

Thule Gauntlet 3.0

(Image credit: Thule)

Thule Gauntlet 3.0

Best super tough laptop caase

Mega tough protection
Fits most 13-inch laptops
Premium quality design and build
No extra pockets

The Thule Gauntlet 3.0 is the go-to choice for anyone who wants ultimate protection. Made by a brand known for tough car roof boxes, this is built to go the distance. From moving around school to going on trips on flights, this is a hard-shell case that can withstand even heavier knocks and drops.

Designed for 13-inch laptops specifically, this is limited in size and there are no extra pockets. That in mind, the already high price is certainly premium. But that's because the design and build quality are so good – this polyurethane-hardened case is going to last you a very, very long time.

You do have compartments with two stretchy mesh dividers plus a nylon strap to hold the laptop in place. All that is surrounded by a dense foam to keep the laptop, and anything else you fit in there, super secure.

4. UZBL Work-in Laptop Case: Best for Chromebooks

UZBL Work-in Laptop Case

(Image credit: UZBL)

UZBL Work-in Laptop Case

Best laptop for teachers who use Chromebooks

Leave laptop in case while in use
Shock and water resistant
Storage options
Smaller laptops only

The UZBL Work-in Laptop Case is the go-to option for teachers using Chromebooks or other smaller laptops. Built for 11.6- to 11.8-inch laptops, this features lock-in grips in the corners that hold a device suspended in place. That means protection by the outer EVA shell, which is not only impact- but also water-resistant. It also means the laptop can be used while still in the case.

Open this up, work on the laptop or output to a whiteboard, then close it and you're ready to change classroom. Extra storage spaces make carrying chargers, cables, and adapters easy. All this and the price remains relatively low for all that you get. The only downside is this is specifically for smaller laptops. Having a carry handle and a shoulder strap make for good portability options that keep this comfy to carry, even for longer periods of time.

5. Topo Designs Travel Bag 30L: Best for longer travel

Topo Designs Travel Bag 30L

(Image credit: Topo)

Topo Designs Travel Bag 30L

Best laptop for travel

Padded laptop and tablet space
Lots of compartments
Easy carry design

The Topo Designs Travel Bag 30L is perfect for teachers who carry a lot in school and need a bag they can use for further travel, commuting to and from school or taking flights on school trips, or otherwise. The bag is actually carry-on compliant, making it the ideal size for anyone who flies regularly. The fact it can be carried as a backpack, with a shoulder strap or with a carry handle, is a portability bonus.

Interior padded sleeves keep a laptop or tablet impact secure as well as safe from scratches or spills. For schools, this is great as you can carry chargers, cables, adapters, books, marking, spare clothes, food – anything you need for a day or more – all while fitting on your back in a stylish bag. Lots of compartments with zips make for quick access that's ideal for getting to notes or marking without having to open up the entire bag.

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