Best Hardware for Teachers

best hardware for teachers
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Whether you're a newly minted teacher or a seasoned veteran, it's important to know which computers, monitors, webcams, headphones, and other education technology hardware are best for your particular classroom or remote teaching circumstances. That's why Tech & Learning has compiled links to our popular edtech hardware reviews in a single article that teachers can easily consult for their edtech hardware questions. 

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To learn more about the best software tools for teachers, visit our Best Tools For Teachers hub and Tech & Learning's guide to Google Education Tools and Apps.

Computers and Peripherals

Best Laptops for Teachers
Pick the ideal laptop for your education needs from our laptop reviews.

Best Desktop Computers For Teachers
There are more great desktop computers for teachers now than at any previous time. But how to choose?  Tech & Learning reviewed the top desktops computers from HP, Apple, Acer, Dell and Lenovo, looking at affordability, sound and  graphics quality, security and much more. 

Best Laptops for Elementary and Secondary Students
Whether your priority is performance, battery life, cost, or security, Tech & Learning breaks down the details of the best laptop computers for elementary and secondary students. 

Best Chromebooks for Schools
A Chromebook can make education better for students and teachers by keeping everything simple while also being priced affordably for school and district.

Best Tablets for Teachers
The best tablets for teachers let educators stay mobile while remaining connected to the wealth of useful smart teaching tech available online. 

Best Tablets For Students
Tech & Learning's hardware guru Luke Edwards gives you all the reasons to buy (or avoid!) the best and most popular tablets for students. 

Best Laptop Docking Stations For Teachers
Whether the priority is price, ease of use, number of ports or 4K capability, we help teachers explore the top options for laptop docking stations.

Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse for Teachers
Tech and Learning looks at the latest and best wireless peripherals for education. 

Best Monitors For Teachers
What matters when choosing a monitor? We looked at display size and quality, screen resolution, response time, and more, in order to rate the best monitors for teaching and learning . 

Best Laptop Cases for Teachers 
Protect your most precious teaching technology with one of these best laptop cases reviewed by Tech & Learning. From the best overall to the best for longer travel and more, one of these top laptop cases is sure to fit the bill, while our Best Deals widget will help you find the best prices. 

Best 3D Printers For Schools
Tech & Learning looks at the best 3D printers for schools, including the top options for beginners and remote printing.

Best Document Cameras for Teachers
We reviewed six of the most popular document cameras for classrooms, rating them for  affordability, compatibility, connectivity, features and more. 

Best Ereaders for Students and Teachers
Digital readers are a great way to build a large library in a small space. Tech and Learning reviews the best ereaders for education, looking at the best overall, most affordable, various display sizes and the best public-library supported device. 

What is Pocketalk? The Translation Tool Explained
Pockettalk is a translation device that operates in real time to help educators, students and families communicate across language barriers.

Gaming Systems

Best Gaming Systems for School Esports Programs
Tech and Learning reviews the top education gaming desktops, laptops, handheld gaming devices and accessories. 

Headphones and Webcams

Best Headphones for Teachers
The best headphones let teachers hear their students and focus on their lessons, while making remote teaching and remote learning better for all.

Best Headphones for Students
Tech & Learning tried out the top over-the-ear, in-ear, and wireless headphones for students, rating for affordability, sound quality, noise cancellation and battery life. 

Best Webcams for Teachers and Students
The best webcams can help make the remote learning experience clearer and more compelling for both teachers and students.

Projectors and Whiteboards

Best Projectors for Schools
We dived into the pros and cons of five of today's top projectors for education. 

Best Interactive Whiteboards For Schools
We rated the best interactive whiteboards, which feature multiple touch points, high quality 4K displays, free apps and more. 

STEM, Robotics and Drones

Best Coding Kits for Schools
Tech & Learning reviews six of the top coding kits for education. 

Best Robots for Schools
The best robots for schools help make education about coding, math, and engineering fun and engaging for students of all ages.

3 Tips For Teaching With Robots
Advice from an award-winning STEM educator about how to teach with robots in the classroom.

Best Drones for Schools
Did you know that drones can be a the core of an exciting STEM lesson incorporating coding and engineering concepts? We found the best ones for education. 

VR and AR Systems

Best VR Headsets for Schools
Tech & Learning reviews the top eight virtual reality headsets for schools. Find out the pros and cons of each, as well as the best deals of the day.   

Best VR and AR Systems for Schools
The magic of virtual and augmented reality can make learning more immersive than ever. We rate them according to ease of use, sturdiness, company support, compatibility and more. Learn which VR and AR systems will work best in your school or classroom.