Educator Edtech Review: BenQ Board Pro RP04

A teacher with a class using a BenQ Board RP04
(Image credit: BenQ)

BenQ Board Pro RP04 interactive flat panels are the premium model of the very well-outfitted line of BenQ interactive panels and accessories. These boards are packed with the features educators need as well as tools that make these valuable for sharing in and out of the classroom.

Accessories and apps can be added to the system to further extend its capabilities. For instance, wide-angle web cameras for video conferencing, Android apps, and a variety of mounting options add up to make a very versatile and powerful system.

BenQ Board Pro RP04: Getting Started

I found getting started with the RP04 panel very easy. Once I plugged it in and started it up, I ran some software updates and then set up my account. The RP04 offers several options for logging in to the board. I also had options for using an NFC tag, which can be supplied with the board or created by your IT Department, a QR code, or password.

I really liked being able to customize my account with the features that I use the most without worrying about someone else making changes. A guest account and other sign-in options can be set to give a guest presenter or substitute teacher the access they need.

The panel hardware is very well put together. The screen has an anti-glare and antimicrobial coating, as well as a built-in air ionizer to maintain the air quality near the board. Options are available to attach a Chromebox or Windows computer to the display to boost your productivity.

I like the other optional accessories such as the InstaShow Wireless presentation system by which I can share my screen and also control my computer screen wirelessly through a push of a button via a USB dongle. Other optional accessories include different types of HD and 4K cameras for meeting spaces, some of which offer PTZ and wide viewing angles as well as active noise cancellation and omni-directional microphones so I can move around and still be seen and heard clearly.

The board natively works with Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox cloud storage solutions. Being a G Suite for Education user, the native Android operating system made the file access and sharing very streamlined. The built-in BenQ EZWrite software is very user-friendly, and includes the option to use an unlimited canvas so myself and students can share ideas all in one place. I was able to import, edit, and share a variety of documents and resources right on the canvas. I could also share a live camera feed with a document, or video conferencing camera (not included). I found the InstaShare 2 software a very easy and smooth sharing experience both from my device and to other student devices.

BenQ Board Pro RP04: Best Features

A closeup of the BenQ Board RP04

(Image credit: BenQ)

The BenQ Board Pro RP04 has a very rich feature set that I found I could use day-to-day without thinking there were too many. A standout is the quality of the 4K picture and the clarity of the sound, as well as the noise-canceling and speech-enhanced microphone array that could pick up my voice when I was more than 20 feet away from the board. The board also has up to 50 touch points so there's no worry about having multiple users at the board at once.

It also offers the ability to cast multiple devices with the InstaShare 2 software, with up to nine splits on the board for different users to share. Integrating this with the EZWrite 6.0 software makes for a powerful collaboration solution.

I also like that they leverage the large screen to be used for digital signage and message broadcasting. This feature allows users with the right permission to send text and video messages on demand.

Any IT department will also like this board because it has a device management solution built into it as well as the TeamViewer Technical Support app for remote support. Users can also log in using their Windows Active Directory infrastructure BenQ's account management system, and identity and access management allows IT staff to centralize user accounts and provision these in one place with single sign-on capabilities.

BenQ Board Pro RP04: Pricing

The MSRP of the boards depends on size and accessories. The 75” board that was tested has an MSRP around $4,400.

Contact BenQ Education or your local BenQ dealer for a quote.

BenQ Board Pro RP04: Key Takeaways

Having the opportunity to use and test several different interactive panel solutions, I found the BenQ RP04 an excellent solution. This is a board that I can see teachers using as more than just an electronic writing surface as it makes it easy to share and collaborate on lessons both in person and at a distance.

The ability to share lessons and resources as well as record lessons to be replayed at a later time makes this tool an excellent resource for both teachers and students. The optional accessories are also of high quality and extend the capabilities of this board to be used not just in the classroom but in meeting spaces as well.

BenQ has done an excellent job designing and producing this interactive panel.


Frank Pileiro is the former Supervisor of Technology & Data for the Linwood Public Schools in Linwood, NJ.  He speaks at the local, state, and national levels about empathy, educational innovation, and instructional technology.